a place where...

Christ Lives

At Holly Hill, our top priority is to let Christ live in and through us. We want to be a direct reflection of our savior. Our goal is to live the way He would live, treating people the way He would, loving every single person we meet the way He would love them. While we are often imperfect, we work every day at being a place and a people where Christ lives.

People love

Our God-given purpose at Holly Hill is to love people. Why? Because Jesus loves people. We try to love each other and love those outside the church. We want to be motivated by our love to serve the community God has blessed us to live in. According to Jesus in John 13:34-35, Christians will be known by how Christians love others. We never want to lose track of that calling. The world is full of hate and we want to be different.

Lives CHange

We want Holly Hill to be a place where lives change. The truth is, when we walk in the doors of Holly Hill you won't find a perfect person in our church, because we are not perfect. We need to change to be more like Christ. If you're not perfect, Holly Hill is the perfect place to make your church home. You don't have to be perfect to receive God's forgiveness, but He does want us to grow, to draw closer to Him and become like His son. At Holly Hill, lives are changing because of Christ's life and people's love. Come join us!